The King of FU
By Benjamin Davis
Art by Nikita Klimov

The King of FU is a magically realistic poetic memoir about growing up in America in the nineties on the cusp of the age of the internet. It is a voyage that navigates through family tribalism, supervisors, white-gloved Sheriffs, bullies, sex, suicide, dead prisoners, drugs, porn, middle school, and Jesus; all in search of answering one of life's greatest mysteries: what is the point of adults?
What to expect
A one-hundred-and-forty-six page illustrated coming-of-age tumble down a rabbit hole of demented 90s nostalgia. Born with horns and covered in fur, our protagonist--after escaping the clutches of the umbilical cord--makes his way from childhood, through the bowels of adolescence, and into so-called "adulthood."
" Written in free verse and accompanied by vivid, black and white illustrations, The King of FU is unlike any other coming of age memoir. "

" I enjoyed every passage and feel that The King of FU by Benjamin Davis would be great for readers looking to step away from the traditional memoir format and also those looking for a 90's nostalgia trip. "

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"Their work is unique, as unconventional as it gets, yet relatable in every sense of the word."
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"...hilarious in all of its awkwardness!"
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